If you are reading this, welcome to my website! Feel free to check out my Portfolio, email me for inquiries, or book a session. I am excited to meet and work with you and enhance the beauty that is already YOU.

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The Artist

Tiana Brown, also known as Ms2Haute , is a New Jersey native that started as a Makeup enthusiast in 2009 in Baltimore, MD, when deciding her next goal in education as well as her career life.  After practicing her skill on herself for a year, she became interested in creating on unfamiliar canvases.  By 2011, Tiana had begun booking local and national magazine publications, as well as national Network pilots to name a few of her accolades. When asked why she chose Makeup, her reply is simple: "I don't think I chose it! It chose me and I love it." Tiana Brown strives to progress, grow, and most importantly, create. 

She currently offers(but is not limited to) the following:




-Lash Application

-One on One learning sessions

-And more..

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